Catholic Technologies Background A Catholic tablet preloaded
with over 52 Catholic apps
Safe. Secure. Holy.


What is Biblezon?

Biblezon is a Catholic tablet that provides a revolutionary way for Catholics to Learn, Live and Practice their Catholic Faith in a Secure, Safe and Distraction free environment.

Biblezon makes it easy for you to learn, live & Practice your catholic faith daily! Whether you want to read the bible, daily scriptures, pray rosary, study the catechism or simply learn more about your catholic faith, you want to have biblezon on your side. Most of all, you ll love the ability to learn, live and organize your catholic faith in one place. Without any distractions.



Our Story

Our story is one of faith, passion and love of the Catholic faith. It started with frustrations from carrying many Catholic books and distractions from using many mobile apps to the creation of a catholic only tablet.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple. To create products that will inspire, educate and evangelize the Catholic faith in a revolutionary way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the revolutionary leader in creating products that engages and inspires catholics to learn and practice their catholic faith daily.