Catholic Technologies Background Increasing Sunday Mass participation by
inviting fallen Catholics and
non-Catholics to attend Mass.

Come To Mass

The Idea

Come to Mass is a movement to invite Catholics and non- Catholics in the U.S. to attend Mass by empowering and motivating parishioners to invite their family and friends to come with them to a special Mass hosted by the local parish. The reason for this movement is that we’ve found people are much more likely to come to mass and keep coming if they’re invited several times.

So we want to build in our parishes a Season of Invitation, with five invitational moments coming one after the other. To facilitate parishes in holding these services, we will produce attractive, high quality invitation cards, as well as flyers, books, cds, t-shirts etc… that will be used during this special come to mass day. In addition, we will provide a series of resources and training to help priests prepare their sermon on this special day, and shareable testimonial content on social medial that our parishes can distribute.



Come To Mass - The Idea
Come To Mass - How it Works

How It Works

  • A parish subscribes to participate to the Come To Mass program.
  • Come to Mass supplies resources for the program (books, cds, flyers, balloons,t-shirts) as well as advisory support.
  • The parish engages parishioners to participate by inviting friends, family members and colleagues to attend mass on this special Sunday
  • Volunteers in the parish help to set up the Come to Mass Sunday
  • Priest prepares a special sermon for the mass that is evangelical in nature.