Catholic Technologies Background We are a Catholic Technology company committed to developing & publishing products that serves the Church.

About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to use technology to promote, educate & evangelize the Catholic faith by developing & publishing revolutionary products that will inspire Catholics of all ages to learn & practice their faith.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the leader in developing innovative products that transforms the way we learn, live & practice the Catholic faith.

We Believe in


Creator of Heaven and earth

It was founded by Jesus Christ and his apostles.

Jesus Christ

Is the only begotten Son of God


That all men are called to be Holy.

The Catholic Church

It was founded by Jesus Christ and his apostles.


That technology can be used to grow God`s kingdom

Our Team

Mosongo Osong

Mosongo Osong CEO/Founder

Silvia Osong

Kathleen Socks Office Administrator

Daniel Hennesy

Daniel Hennesy Legal Counsel

Mark Salvia

Mark Salvia Financial Advisor